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Break The Wall

I have to do it!

26 July 1990
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This Journal is for Anime fandom only

Hello all! My name is Linda I love Anime, JPop, RPG games, drawing and dreaming .

I want to be a professional mangaka or a baker , I want to open my own coffee shop and sell my own home made cakes.

My current fandom is Death Note, Bleach, Gintama, One Piece and variation of shoujo mangas :D

Ulquiorra, Gintoki-san, Sasori, Sanji, Near, Light and L has special place in my heart! I LOVE THEM *_*

I love eating takoyaki, sushi, noodles, lasagna, cakes, guava juice and cold jasmine green tea my favorite food and drinks

I would love to visit Japan, England and US someday :D

So yeah, thats all xD

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What Death Note Character Are You?
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